LVDI SCÆNICI has performed both in Italy and abroad, also collaborating with the “La Sapienza” University of Rome and with the University of Tarragona (Catalonia) where he participated, among other things, at "Tarraco Viva” from 2000 to today for the History Museum of Tarragona; again in Spain they played for the concerts cycle "La musica a traves de los siglos" organized by the Zaragoza Auditorium and for the Navarra Tourist Consortium in the Municipality of Mendigorria (from 2004 to 2009).

In France the group performed in Bliesbruck (from 2004 to 2009), Le Fa and Frejus within their respective archaeological zones, and in the Archaeological Museum of Antibes.

Cristina Majnero - Ludi Scaenici
Roberto Stanco - Ludi Scaenici
Daniele Ercoli - Ludi Scaenici
Gaetano Delfini - Ludi Scaenici

The group has participated in the exhibition "Stone sounds - journey through the territories of the Empire" for the Municipality of Rome at the Museum of Rome in Trastevere, at the "Terra di Storia" event organized by the Museum of Roman Centuriation for the Municipality of Borgoricco (PD) , performed shows and held a conference in Villadose (RO) "Market of the Roman centuriation", and played in the Roman amphitheater of Roselle (GR).

Has participated in the Roman days of Augusta Raurica (Augst) from 2002 to 2007 in Switzerland.

Has played in the archaeological area of Ostia antica and Tridentum, today's Trento, and in those of Carsulae and Ocricolum in Umbria, has participated in the inauguration of the C.R.A.M. (Archeo-Musical Research Center) at the Municipality of Montalto di Castro (VT) and in 2009 in Tarquinia he played at the archaeomusicology conference "La musica in Etruria".

Has performed for the Archaeological Museum of Chieti, also creating, with Quinto Fabriziani, the sound system for the museum's environment. During the "Week for Cultural Heritage" in 2003, LVDI SCÆNICI held a series of concert-lessons at the "Civic Archaeological and Ethnological Museum" of Modena where it participated in the "Philosophy Festival" in September 2005 and also played in 2009.

In the same year LVDI SCÆNICI inaugurated the exhibition "Music in the time of Aristoxenus" at the provincial museum of Lecce and did a show for the culture week at the "Museo della Civiltà Romana" in Romeñ it also participated in the making of the documentary "Nero " for the "National Geographic" and held the conference "Musical instruments from their origins to ancient Rome" at the Museum of Origins of the La Sapienza University of Rome.

The group also performed in collaboration with Prof. Roberto Melini of the Trento Conservatory in the archaeological area of Velia near Salerno. In 2010, in addition to the usual concert activity, LVDI SCÆNICI performed, among other things, at the "National Museun of Singapore" for the inauguration of the "Pompeii" exhibition, in Irun in the Basque Country where he also participated in the "Dies Oiassonis" event in 2011 for the "Museo di Oiasso", and took part in an episode of the television show "I Popoli del Mare" by Siusy Blady. Since 2010, it has participated in the "Ludi Romani" event, now in its third edition, which is held in various archaeological sites in the city of Rome.