The music, the instruments, the dance

There is no shortage of material when researching the music of the Roman world but the references available are more concerned with the instrument used rather than the music. Fortunately, some finds have survived, as have and many depictions of wind instruments, percussion, strings and hydraulic or bellows organs.

This material has allowed us, together with the study of theoretical treatises and the descriptions of Latin writers, to reconstruct a good part of the instruments in use at the time, giving us the opportunity to listen to their sound and instrumental combinations. Some instruments are still in use unchanged in various regions of the Mediterranean, Africa and the Middle East, evidence of artistic and cultural exchange that continues today as it did then. Dozens of mosaics, ceramics and frescoes depict images of dances in which male and female dancers twirl and move in suggestive positions.

When dancing they often use small percussion instruments such as cymbals or crotales and are almost always accompanied by instrumentalists.

The study of the sources and the large number of images has allowed us to reconstruct, through the superposition of positions taken from the images in sequence, possible and plausible choreographies.

The CD´s of Lvdi Scaenici

LVDI SCAENICI Tempore Emergo

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Costumes and Accessories

Particular care is taken in the choice of materials, colors and accessories of the costumes that LVDI SCÆNICI uses on stage. Natural fibers such as linen, silk and wool are completed and enriched with accessories that reproduce jewelery and footwear from the Roman era, thus reviving the image of ancient Rome in a more complete, evocative and scenic point of view.

The Show

Over the years the group has staged concerts and shows of various types ranging from lesson-concerts in duos to large event such as the "Bacchanalia" inspired by Bacchic mythology, with 14 elements including musicians, actors and dancers.